I need a VACATION!


“I need a vacation 99.99% of people shout almost daily.” What do we really mean when we say we need a vacation??? This is something we all need to think about. Are we trying to escape our reality to live a fantasy life; or are we tired of your daily responsibility and routine life? We have to think about what we really mean when we mention a vacation…Tired of your job, that you ask God to bless you with or tired of waking up feeling bored? Why do you want to take a vacation? Should be our first question and what do I want t gain from my experience? I believe a vacation is a trip you take to experience other cultures, not to get away from yours. Think of vacation of a different meaning, fun, different food, experience, culture, fashion. Experience the place you are heading, not just get away from reality! Stay tune for my vacation, or even a mini trip.

Do you guys save for a vacation or is it just spur of the moment? Please feel free to comment.


4 thoughts on “I need a VACATION!”

  1. I go on vacation to do both sometimes to get my mind away from my daily routine life and just enjoy being somewhere else for the moment and not focus on reality. I also go on vacation to make memories for my family. Each trip I go on I try to experience something or somewhere different each time I go. I believe its important for everyone to sometimes take a break from their daily routine life to relax and have fun.

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