Make a Wish


Have you ever caught the time at 11:11? When you think of 11:11, what do you think of? If you think of making a wish that is also me!! I try my hardest to make a thousand wishes in that 1 minute. I catch myself wishing for the same thing over because I rush my thoughts within that minute. When I was younger I was also told that 11:11 is an invitation to experiencing bigger blessings. Opening your mind to the bigger picture of what you are wishing for. Don’t just wish it, work towards it, see it develop, and picture the outcome. If you wish for something that you work hard for then of course it will come true…right? I truly think so bc it’s a thought that you have put into the universe and the universe will grant you that wish, if you work hard to achieve it. It could be a myth but it’s nothing wrong with wishing for blessings that you are working towards. I’ve been wishing on 11:11 since I was a little girl and I will forever do so💋

Comment below on your views on 11:11, if you do make a wish on it what do you wish for? And also check out my poem “I wish” in my journal section. Thank you!!


2 thoughts on “Make a Wish”

  1. My exact wish is Always to be Happy Spiritually , Physically, Mentally, Sexually, Emotionally, Financially HAPPILY. I also always ask that my kids know I love them and that they love me back.

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