Peace of Mind


What do you consider a peace of mind? Being around nature to get intune with yourself is the best way to get a peace of mind. I discover a great place in North Georgia with a beautiful waterfall at Tallulah Falls Park. I took a hike this weekend to experience new things and to clear my head. The hike and scenery was the most beautiful and much needed experience. To remember my experience I bought a turtle and crystal while I was on my journey. My meaning for the turtle is be patience on my journey in life. Slow and steady wins every race, right? That’s what I truly believe in since I was a little girl. Never rush into things that you want to see a great outcome, but if slow as a turtle is what you need, then do that. The crystal is to see my journey clearer, when I am lost, confused, or scared, I know I will find the right path! These 2 object symbolizes what I need daily in my life, which is patience and clarity.

Sometimes we all need to take a break from our daily life to gain a peace of mind. A healthy mind is what we all need to have a healthy life. Tallulah Falls Park is a great place to gain a peace of mind. It was very peaceful and full of nature. Great scenery to take pictures, run, hike, or even meditate. Explore GA if you live here, it is a great place to call home!

Please comment below to share where you like to go for a peace of mind.


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