A friend recently told me about a book store that I believe is a GEM! If you guys are book lovers like me go check out Half Price Books. I spent 29.96 on 5 items gently 1 used books, 2 new books, and 2 journals. This is a great substitute for Barne and Nobles, if you are looking to shop on a budget. I love Barnes and Nobles but let’s be honest I would have spent over 40 dollars for 5 items. I can honestly say I am in love with this book store ❤️. I stayed in the store for about an hour and half looking for great books. They were very affordable, the most expensive thing I bought was 7.99 every thing else was under 5 dollars. This was also a great place to relax my mind and the best thing about this place, it was not cluttered. Half Priced Books was very neat and clean!! Everything was so organized in its own section from types of books to authors, even the children’s section! Goodwill won’t be the only place I look for books now, I am happy to say Half Price Books will be added to my list ❤️❤️

Another great thing you can also sell your used books, music, and more. If you have one in your location check it out, I swear you won’t be disappointed.



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