When I am angry I need to learn to exhale the bullshit and inhale positivity. Sometimes I let my angry get the best of me and that is only hurting me. I am at a age in my life that I am learning to let the bullshit go out of my life. We all are growing in life and when we are always angry and mad the mind can’t grow. A positive mind can not develop if it is always developing toxic thoughts I need to develop more ways to exhale bullshit, example letting hurt go, trusting people, forgiving, etc. It is hard sometimes but I am improving slowly. I can say I am a better person than I was last year and the year before. Some people may not see it, but the growth is not for them it is for me.

Ways I have been inhaling positivity lately is feeding my mind with positive thoughts, quotes, and scriptures. I have been ignoring people or things that makes me mad. We all have those family members or coworkers that will push your buttons, so I try my best to ignore them as well. I stay in my own world, half of the people I come across they really don’t exist in my world. The main way I have been inhaling positivity is praying. I have to pray to keep my spirit and soul healthy. Everyone that comes into my life will not be best for me, so I have to constantly to ask God to remove them. Remember, when you lose friends, partners, and family members just think, they may have been part of the bullshit you was exhaling!


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