Goodbye July


It’s the last day of July but it’s not the last day of summer. Just the thought of July ending makes me sad lol. What did you do that was fun this summer? Nothing, me too lol..To be honest all I did was work..smh. I really need to enjoy my life more. I did local activities in the city like swimming, shopping, and exploring but no vacations. We still have time right?? Umm yes…plan a trip and go! I will be planning more road trips, it’s cost effective and I don’t have to travel far, if I don’t choose to. The best thing about July ending is..the prices for vacations spots will go down!! So if you still haven’t been to the beach this summer (like me) it’s not too late. There will be less people at the beach and less expensive. Trust me, you will thank me later! So I guess I will plan a trip to Savannah and #ExploreGA! You guys should really explore your state, you will learn a lot and have fun with little to no money. Have fun you still have time!!


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