Motivation Mondays


We, as women, all need that extra push when we are feeling down in life; and that push needs to start with us ladies. We need to start motivating each other daily. Women empowerment is a must in the 21 century because we have to build one another. We need to let the world know that WE run the world! Women are the beginning and the end, and we sometimes don’t get enough credit for that. We are creators, strong, powerful, smart, etc. ( you know I cant stop there); and we should uplift one another. Send out motivational quotes to a group of ladies in your contact list. It could be a list of ladies at work, church, friends, or family. Why not send them all!! We have to support and encourage each other, stop being in competition with each other and support each other. Support is the biggest thing we need in our community of women, especially in business. Send out love, peace, happiness, and wealth to every woman you know that is trying to make it in life. One last thing, compliment someone to make their day better. It never hurts to say something nice. Place a smile on everyone one face because you never know what that person is going through.


3 thoughts on “Motivation Mondays”

  1. Preach my friend! I wish you all the best in your business ventures, ALL OF THEM ! No matter how BIG or small the idea. You inspire me if you didn’t know already. *muah*

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