“Lead your children with a successful attitude and they will follow with the same attitude.” -Brittany Nicole

I have learned the pass 7 years of being a parents that I should teach my child more to be her own boss. If I set her up for success now, she will follow and be successful as well. What do I mean by that? I believe in teaching your children to became their own boss, invest in your child for their future dreams. My child and I are setting up an account for her dream business. When she is ready to start her business she will have the funds to do so. I am preparing my life, so that her future will be successful. I plan to purchase us a house that some day I can pass down to her, so she does not have to start over and purchasing a home. It makes no sense that every generation after you have to start over, right? I am building a legacy and that is one of the things I am teaching my child to do also. So I challenge everyone to do the same (if you are not already doing so). If your child wants to build a lemonade stand, support that! Do a yard sale for old toys, so your child can raise money for their goals. Small steps to success leads to big steps one day!


2 thoughts on “Success”

  1. Hey Britt!
    Its been a while. I’ve expressed to you that I admire you for a lot of things. I think that you are doing amazing and set great examples for your baby girl. Just keep going and never stop reaching for the top, that’s the most important thing for baby girl. She’ll remember later on in life that you were always working hard for the both of you and more importantly to help secure her future. In addition to the superstar I already know she will be!

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