Happy Friday


I hope everyone have a good and safe weekend! I don’t have any plans this weekend. I told myself I was going to stop living for the weekends and I have been working on it! I am now enjoying my week and I am much happier. I have also notice that I get a lot of things done when I am not waiting for Friday to get here. So when the weekend gets here I am not overloaded with things to do because I tacked them during the week! So that is definitely a plus.

How do I find to still enjoy my week and work. I wake up early and take time for myself. I wake up and dance, clean, write, etc. I want to start working out or at least walking or running in the mornings. When you don’t live for the weekend, your week goes by faster. And I love faster weeks lol.. Everything goes by fast when you are enjoying life!! So I am focusing on myself and my happiness and it is really working out for the best. For the first time I feel like I am living and not just working to pay bill, or spend money on the weekend. We should all start to living for the week and not just the weekends!! You will be much happier, trust me!


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