The Power of Prayer


The power of prayer is an amazing thing to have. I pray for the simplest things and my prayers are answered! I love how the universe works in my favors, but with prayer I also put in work. Prayer is dead without faith. Just a few months ago I prayed for a lower interest rate, I wrote it in my journal, prayed, and improved my credit and then applied for a lower interest rate. With the whole process which was a couple of weeks after the application, my prayer was answered! I am overjoyed that the fact that I can speak positivity in my life and they come past. The power of prayer is real!! No matter what religion or beliefs you have, prayer will work for us all. All you have to do is believe! With the faith a size of a mustard seed, it will turn nothing into something! Remember your tongue can be a blessing or a curse. Bless your day daily with whatever you want. Nothing is too big or too small for the universe to answer!


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