Is Tofu Healthy??


“Do you eat Tofu? or is it healthy?? I get this question A LOT! So I have done my research, too much consuming of anything can be bad for you. Tofu is not bad for you nor is it made of plastic. I get so many people thinking that tofu is made of plastic and we shouldn’t eat it. I only buy non GMO products, including tofu, fruits, and vegetables. So that I know I only get non GMO items I shop at the farmers market.

What is tofu?
So since we know that tofu is not made with/of plastic, what is it made out of?? Tofu is a soybean product that is made from the curds of the soy milk. The curds is pressed into a block, which can be made in different textures. The textures are firm, extra firm, and soft. So basically tofu is a soybean that has been cured and pressed into block.


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