Money Tip

Happy Friday

I hope you guys are doing a great on you saving challenge. This pay week we should put back 100.00 dollars. I know sometimes it is hard to save, but we have to pay ourselves first! If you are having trouble saving, open up a different checking’s account. Set up your direct deposit, so that 100.00 can go to your new account. Someone wise told me, “you can’t miss what you don’t see.” I hope this was a great ideas for someone. I don’t have problem with saving but I still use this method. I hope that you guys bank account, online banking, stocks, and CDs flourish with blessing and money in 2019! We should have 400.00 dollars so far! Yayyy! And you guess can always save more if you would like to..

Money Tip: March

Establish a Budget and Review monthly
I want you guys to “March into Mint” untitled
I use this app Mint, it works really well!! Mint helps me manage my money monthly. I can set a monthly budget and it shows what I spend my money on and if I am over spending on things that I should not be. I really love it. It also send you ways to save and how to a manage your money. You will see how well you can manage your money with this app. Download the app today, it’s FREE! Wow!! Free ways to manage and save your money! Let us all be great in 2019 by starting off using Mint.
Let’s make the best if March! We get paid 3xs this month! Don’t get distracted because of the extra pay week. We should focu on building a s
Healthy savings account, emergency fund, vacation fund, or business. If you are lacking in an area, this month is the time to start and finish strong! Our financial goal this month is to save 220, we should strive for 300 this month with our extra pay week. You can make it happen, and you will thank me later 💋


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