Note to self:


“Don’t worry about being perfect, be authentic instead.”
My daily struggle I have about myself is being a perfectionist. No one is perfect, not even you (Is what I tell myself daily)! I have learned it is no way I can get ahead or better myself, if I am so hard on myself. Being perfect is no long my goal being happy and authentic is what I am reaching for. I also need to learn how to embrace failure and not to look at failure as a negative aspect in my life, but as a learning moment. I know being afraid is normal, but I have to over come my fears and take risks. “Failure is not about taking risk, if you don’t take risk then you have already failed.” This year I will be the best person, mother, daughter, friend, etc. and not focus on being perfect but just being me! Who wants to be perfect anyway that is too much work lol (Me convincing myself so I can change and not be a perfectionist).


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