About ME


I am Brittany Nicole, 27 years young. I was born Dec. 27, great birthday I know lol..NOT! That’s another story lol. But I am truly a southern hippy, born and raise in Georgia. I love the dirty south, but I do want to live around the world Paris, Australia, Europe, etc. I have 1 child and that’s all for now❤️. I started this journey, so many people like me will not be afraid to follow their dreams. I hope I inspire someone to believe anything is possible. The world is ours and we should go get it!

I am a ball of energy and I have lots of fun learning new things and developing new talents . I believe I am here to accomplish all my dreams and goals and you are never too old to go after that!! My ultimate goals is to become a traveling writing. I want to live in different countries and write about my experience there while being a vegan. I plan to write a book, so stay tune for that ( we’ll many books). One last thing…I am currently learning Spanish and hope to move to Spain to master it! I am looking for vegan friends and if you are into making new friends, just let me know!!!

Fun Facts about me ? I like to…



write poetry

cook (vegan recipes)