Brain and Beauty

Recently added books to my collection, check them out at your local bookstore! I told myself that I need to make more time for reading this year. I try to try something new or learn something new but I have been slacking for the start of 2019. So I challenge myself to read at least 1 book a month. I also will write reviews about the books once I finish them. If you guys have books suggestions comment below do I can check them out.
Please let me know if you have read any of these books and if you like them or not. Thank you 💋


Treat yourself

It’s ok to treat yourself and this weekend I definitely did! I’m celebrating 3 years of being meat free and I have something to be happy about! Check out my YouTube video on what I found myself

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P.S I am new to this so give me time🥰😘💋

Go vegetarian

This place is beyond amazing! Awesome customer serve and delicious food. If you are every in GA please try Go Vegetarian. Everything here is vegan so you never have to question the deliciousness!
Vegan buffalo chicken poppers
I also had a delicious vegan bacon ranch chicken sandwich.
You will not be disappointed trust me🥰🥰

Vegan 3 Anniversary

Today makes 3 years since I haven’t eaten meat! I am truly proud of myself and this great accomplishment! Today I am going to celebrate all day!!! I am so happy because I’ve always wanted to be a vegan. I am happy that I started early when I did bc my plan was to wait until I’m 30😒
I started off as a vegetarian and shortly after became a vegan. I am happy to say this is the best I have been in years. I hope to celebrate year after year because I am what people would like to be! Being a vegan is hard, but I’m trying grateful that I am one. I say sometimes I hate being a vegan ( mainly when people leave me out) but I don’t hate it at all. Vegan life is a different lifestyle and it takes a certain amount of discipline! Anyone that’s starting the journey or would like to, I say go for it!!! We need more people in the vegan community 💋💋

P.S. Stay tune for my post of the restaurant I will check out today in Atlanta❤️



I am really thankful for the mental, spiritual, and physical growth that I am developing! I am loving the woman I am becoming! God has really blessed me with a different mind set as I get older. This year will be the year I will become into my own more! Stay tune for more of ME!💋

Health and Wellness

I’ve read this post recently and I wanted to share it with you guys, “Everytime you eat or drink, you are either feeding a disease or fighting a disease.”
Everyone thinks just because I’m vegan, that I eat healthy! Well news flash vegans can be unhealthy too. I’m not saying I am unhealthy, but I am human too and I know sometimes the food options I pick aren’t the best for me. (Especially eating fries or pasta everyday of the week!)
When I grab a juice, sweets, or any other junk food I find myself questioning my decisions a lot. “Do you want to feed a disease or fight it?” My answer is always fight it because I thrive to be healthy! Being healthy is one of my main goals in life! I challenge myself to better my mind,body, and soul. Remember health isn’t always what you eat, but everything else that keeps your body functioning.
I’m not perfect and I do pick juice over water, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about my health. I am posting this because I want all of us to thrive to live a healier lifestyle. We need to fight diseases more instead of feeding them. We all have to start with ourselves. I wish we were all born the right way of eating so we wouldn’t have to work about high blood pressure, heart disease, or cancer. I know that is wishful thinking, but until then let’s start with ourselves and our family. So next time you reach for candy instead of nuts, remember we have to fight the disease instead of feeding it!